Atomic Vision

Atomic Vision
Founded by Junior Mukabala ,Atomic Vision is a private institution that has for its purpose, production and audio visual multi media and digital media development and design for others; providing information in the field of digital media development and design thereof by means of a global computer network; and computer site design services and also to help young people, and all those wishing to developer in the field of audiovisual and art in general: cinema, the music theater painting the ex ...
In the field of audio visual, we are on technical BEYOND shooting, the senarisation, sound, digital video editing infograf of the film director, We also train future theaters and cinema actor, we do a casting with the most attention as possible to keep only those we deem best for a quick aprentissage

we are professional
The ideological point of view
Atomic Vision is a filosophie, a way of thinking or a manierre to see things from a distance or a view of Eagle, a view that can reach a scrupter and receive even the tiniest part of a celula so the atom. IIn this time then we say ² Atomic Vision.²
Ideology a Living in the hearts of all those who want a better future as sprituel that phisyque
has anyone who includes this ideology that Inteligente, truth and love supreme
or as a father

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