The revolution of microcinema

The revolution of microcinema

Microcinema is a new type of film that grows with the arrival of digital technology on the cheap.

It is now possible to associations of small companies or individuals to see the creation of films for a fraction of the cost that this was a few years ago:

A) digital video cameras consumer 3CCD DV, DV Cam, DV H have a quality equivalent to that of professional video cameras (1) for a few years ago. The quality may even be close to 16 mm, a time spent on video by a telecine. In addition it has the flexibility of video cameras from the chemical film: ability to control the quality of the immediate setting and low cost of tape.

B) PC or Mac can, at an affordable price, directly or through acquisition cards, save images and sounds on the hard drive that opens the door not only nonlinear editing (that is to say that does not alter the original movie), but also to achieve special effects, from simple title overlays and multiple terrain until the inclusion of virtual images in 3D.

C) The Internet allows linking of contacts between fans through e-mails, to present his work on a website, get tips and tricks via the forums.

D) The emergence of free software (see the website of the association APRIL) will make available to amateurs in the future of software more efficient for a very low cost.

The time has come for a generation of filmmakers and confirmed to work with means of high quality without having to go through this filter institutional systems (such as the National Center for Cinematography (CNC)) which are often reluctant to certain designs especially in the area of Fantasy and SF.

The Americans have given to this new creation the name of microcinema. Several sites as well as cinemas are already devoted to this new media type.

The atomic visionis involved in this development. Including via the website Free Movie that promotes free film based on both the concepts of free software and free art.

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